Helping companies recognise and capitalise... on opportunities in Asia

Based in New Zealand, TMLNZ actively sources technology for export to the company's pre-existing client base in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Asia, particularly China, is an emerging economic giant with legions of cheap labour, its ability to mobilise people and massive spending power - but like any new kid on the block it is experiencing growing pains... which is where opportunities exist for Australasian companies.

For example, China's massive human resource capability has left it lagging in some areas of information technology. Now large trading partners are demanding that Chinese companies start to do more business processing electronically - but they're not prepared for it.

Other areas of opportunity include a growing demand for core green technologies and distribution systems - to name a few.

TMLNZ's services include:

  • Investigating new IT technologies and business opportunities associated with those IT technologies
  • Assisting Australasian based businesses to establish a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore for a minimum cost
  • Mentoring through Australasian based partners
  • Provision of contracted, trustworthy, efficient and professional administration staff in Asia for Australasian clients
  • TMLNZ is also in a position to inspect, assess and verify the credentials of proposed suppliers or customers in Asia on behalf of Australasian clients considering a business interaction with Asia
  • The development, implementation and maintenance of systems and processes - primarily virtual - to facilitate trade between Asia and locally based enterprises
  • Development, implementation and support of your information technology solutions, infrastructure, internet and networks
  • Shopfront services for start-ups in Hong Kong, including supporting the Australasian partner's product and services in Asia
  • Re-seller agreements and agencies
  • Introductions to pre-existing clients, social and business networks and assistance with red tape

Described as the workshop of the world, China and other Asian countries - like any workshop - needs support in key areas. Together with TMLNZ your company, product or services can be part of the solution.

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