Plugging into Asia

Helping companies cross the electronic and cultural divide

TMLNZ facilitates the transfer of technology products and services between Australasia and Asia, particularly China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Companies that TMLNZ has partnered with directly or indirectly include:

  • Tranzsoft
  • Function 8
  • Redweta
  • Sygnal
  • Anomate
  • Marketstrat
  • Pepper'd
  • IT Advertising


"...we prefer partnerships to presence in other countries..."

Director of Tranzsoft - business process automation provider - Rod Hall says one of their first ventures into China was to help a Chinese manufacturer which needed to connect with the logistics arm of a retailer in the United States.

"Their computer systems weren't talking. Our simple interfaces have allowed the most complex IT systems to 'talk' to each other - exchanging data, automating administrative tasks, reducing human error and providing a platform for growth."

He says Asia, particularly China, is a region which promises a great future for Tranzsoft.

"Their reliance on manpower has left them with deficiencies in some technology areas. It was easier to do most of the paperwork on hardcopy. Now that their business relationships with major Western companies is established and growing, those 'customers' are demanding business be electronic and automated - so China needs to catch-up.

"We see significant opportunities and are partnering with TMLNZ in Hong Kong, with whom we have established a close partnership. We prefer partnerships to establishing a presence in other countries, because we are so internet based - our software is a service, customers just plug into the gateway,"said Mr Hall.


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